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One Yuan Charity Donation Action

5848 2015/6/24 15:55:00

“One Yuan Charity Donation Action” is a public fundraising campaign in order to encourage regularized social donation. It aims to call every individual to do his or her bit for the charity cause. The action can be joined by donating one yuan RMB; no upper limit of the donation is set and the donation must be made on voluntary basis.

This program is to inspire people’s enthusiasm to take part in charity activities by making sure everyone’s kindness can be realized with the donation action. It is to uphold the charity philosophy of “Don’t refrain from the act of kindness, no matter how small it is.” The entire donation raised from the program is used to support educational, medical and poverty-alleviation projects.

Donation Account

Account Name:
China Charity Federation
Bank Name:Bank of China
Bank Address:
Head Office(No.1 Fu Xing Men Nei Street, Beijing, China)
Account Number: 778350015925 Swift Code:BKCHCNBJ
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