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2019/11/1 13:15:54

China Charity Federation’s Project “Charity Love Warms Thousands of Families” was carried out in Guizhou Province

2391 2019/2/12 9:06:00

With the concern of the people in need in poverty-stricken areas and the warmth of all walks of life, a consolation group of “Charity Love Warms Thousand of Families” organized by China Charity Federation and China Social Work Federation went to Guizhou from January 21 to 25. In the meantime, the delegation carried out consolation and donation activities and investigation on “Poverty Alleviation with Charity” in the Danzhai County Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. Deputy Chairman of National People’s Congress Social Construction Committee and President of China Social Work Federation Gong Puguang, Vice President of China Social Work Federation He Jianmin, General Secretary of China Charity Federation Bian Zhiwei, Deputy General Secretary of China Charity Federation Gao Shouhua, Former Vice Chairman of Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Conference Chairman and Guizhou Provincial Charity Federation Chen Min and Vice President and Secretary General of Guizhou Provincial Charity Federation Chen Min attended the activities.

After the ceremony, the consolation group of Charity Love Warms Thousand of Families” and officials from local government went to Mazhai Village of Longquan Town, Taichen Village of Xingren Town and Laobaizhai Village of Yangwu Town in Danzhai County to visit Li Mingzhong. Wang Hui and other people in poverty-stricken families.

Donation Account

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China Charity Federation
Bank Name:Bank of China
Bank Address:
Head Office(No.1 Fu Xing Men Nei Street, Beijing, China)
Account Number: 778350015925 Swift Code:BKCHCNBJ
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